Nick Valencia, CNN National Reporter


Meet CNN’s Nick Valencia as he shares his experience the high stress job as a national news reporter covering breaking news in a 24/7 news environment. Valencia will share how he copes with the stress of traveling on a moment’s notice to a disaster area, while also reporting on individuals who have gone through a devastating experience.

SESSION: Dr. Elana Newman, Research Director, The DART Center

R.M. McFarlin Professor of Psychology, The University of Tulsa  


Elana Newman’s major area of work focuses upon assessing, understanding, and treating maladaptive responses to traumatic life events. Her current work focuses on journalism and trauma and disaster mental health.

SESSION: “What happens beneath the skin and why it matters”

Dr. Pamela Dorsett, Clinical Psychologist and freelance journalist


Journalists are exposed to stressful or traumatic images and events. Perceived threat, whether real or imagined, the trauma activates the body’s nervous system. This activation results in multiple changes in the body and the brain. This presentation focuses on a description and explanation of these changes in the body, the positive and negative consequences of the activation, techniques to regulate reactions to these events and the benefits of self-regulation.