Meteorologist Panelists

Kris Allred

Chief Meteorologist, WSAV-TV Savannah, Georgia

Find out how Kris Allred keeps herself and her team safe while reporting from the field, and how she stays resilient in an area of the country where turbulent weather has become commonplace. And don’t forget to ask her about flying with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve.  BIO

Jamie Arnold

Chief Meteorologist, WMBF-TV, Grand Strand & Pee Dee areas, South Carolina

It was an extraordinary, traumatic September 2018 for Jamie Arnold when Hurricane Florence’s track continued to change rapidly but eventually made a direct hit in northeast South Carolina and the coast of North Carolina. Ask Arnold how he prepares himself to deliver the weather during threatening storms, and how he and his staff reconcile, both physically and emotionally, after experiencing a monster storm like Hurricane Florence.  BIO

Wes Wyatt

Meteorologist, WBRC FOX6 News, Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama is known for its tornadoes. And Wes Wyatt is there to cover it. According to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, Alabama ranks #1 in violent tornadoes than anywhere else in the country. The state has had 8 F5/EF5 tornadoes with over 200 mph winds and 34 EF4 tornadoes where the winds from 166 to 200 mph winds. From 1953 to 2014, there have been 620 tornado-related deaths related mostly in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Tanner and Harvest, Alabama. The station even even has its own podcast, Behind the Front, to educate and comment on weather events in this area of the South. BIO